P.O. Box 103

28 North Piney Road

Story, Wyoming 82842


Established in 1919

Original Art by Laurie Kraft

An Open Letter to the residents of Story and the surrounding area:



As you may now have heard, on August 9, 2018, Gary and Christine Roberts gifted the property to the west of the library, including the coffee shop and the house, to the Story Community Library, Inc. for the use and future expansion of library services in Story.  The gift was timely made as we have outgrown many aspects of our current library and meeting areas and it affords us the opportunity to look at the expansion of those services.  As our town grows, and with our local school population now at twenty-seven students, an enhanced library, not only for the students, but for all of Story is needed.  This gift will now allow us to address those needs, but we will need your help as well.


In an attempt at community-wide involvement and absolute transparency, your Board of Directors of the Story Community Library, Inc., has started a project to see how best to use this gift and preserve and expand the wonderful library we have all shared for years.  We want to know your thoughts on this project and we have created a survey, a copy of which can be obtained at the library, so you can express to us what services, if any, you would like to see improved. Do we need more books and movies? If so, what kinds?  Do you want a place to curl up with a good book?  Do you want a larger area for using the internet, or to work and do research?  If we had a large meeting area as part of the library, other than the one currently in the back room, would we be able to offer more educational opportunities such as bringing classes and lectures from the college, the senior center and other places? These ideas are all being discussed, and as this project develops, we hope that your input will help us make those determinations.  We hope to define what type of expansion is needed and determine how best to proceed towards these goals in the very near future.


Now we are gathering information and from that gathering the project will develop.  We want all of you to be a part of this.  If you have ideas let us know them.  As plans develop we will try and get your opinions about them, sharing ideas through various meetings and personal contacts.


As you consider your year-end giving think of the Story Library and consider a gift to the capital campaign that will be launched, hopefully before the end of the year.  If you feel strongly about your contributions going to this expansion or for the maintenance of our buildings and landscape, just note that in the memo line of your check and we shall honor your wishes.  All donations to the library are tax deductible 501C3 contributions.  Please consider us now and help us make this gift to the Library a true benefit for all the residents of Story for years to come.  Thanks for helping to make Story an even greater place to live.


Story Community Library, Inc.



Ramona Culp, President                                                                                          Rick Dare, Board Member

Marc Randal Strahn, Vice-President                                                                        Al Winters, Board Member

Paula Young, Treasurer                                                                                          Jo Elliot, Board Member

Caroline Houck, Secretary                                                                                      Mary Durante, Board Member

Stephanie Hutt, Library Manager                                                                            Bill Doughty, Board Member






The mission of the Story Woman's club shall be to promote sociability in the community, to aid worthy community projects and to govern and maintain the building and property for the use of the community.




Trust not to each accusing tongue as some weak people do, but still believe that story false which ought not to be true.




Regular business meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m., excluding July.  Guests are welcome!  84 Members Strong.

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